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Why is Casumo admired by the majority?

  • Rating Casino: 5
  • Bonus: 20 bonus spins + 20 000 kr bonus
  • Established: 2012
  • License: Malta, United Kingdom
  • Contacts: Live Support
  • Website: https://www.casumo.com/
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Online casinos are a prolific form of online gambling and Casumo has taken the center stage in this business by making it more fun and lucrative. The payback percentages offered by online casinos are a bit higher than the regular casinos and the payback percentage offered by Casumo is averaged at 97.23 %. But, the payback percentage is not the only reason for the success of this particular online casino. There are many other features of the websites that make it the most feasible and plausible choice of them all including game play, entertainment, gamification and much more to enjoy. We will explore different aspects and attributes of the platform in this Casumo review that makes Casumo Casino experience more unique and fun.

First off, we’ll start with the company itself. The casino was opened around 6 years ago in 2012 and since then, it has seen many developments and partnerships that have attributed to its major success as a big time player. The defining idea behind this casino was to make the user experience more immersive and fun. So, what they did is that they overlapped the usual casino games with the adventure story type gaming experience. This blend of different gaming styles led to the evident success of the platform. As soon as you start the game, you are taken to a far away galaxy in the cosmos, where you stay for your time at the website. And, as you progress through the game, you are faced with challenges and missions that come with bonuses and rewards. Each mission, when completed, yields free cash or bonus spins that boost your progress.

Game play at Casumo

As described earlier, the game play employs a very different approach from the traditional online casinos. The more time that you spend on the website, the more progress you achieve by moving up the levels all the while completing missions and challenges that earn you different types of rewards and bonuses such as Casumo free spins, Casumo bonus and other Casumo Casino bonus and prizes that come very handy as you move up in the game. You can also get rewards like belts, trophies and valuables that each represents a different kind of attribute linked to your profile. For example, belts represent the skill level and better belt levels earn you better chances of reward on every level.

Challenges at Casumo casino

Subsequently, Casumo Casino features challenges that you have to complete in a certain amount of time. Usually, these challenges are played in competition with the other players, and the competition is over time i.e. who can complete the challenge in the smallest number of spins or time. But, It is not as competitive as I haveve made it out to be. These are very simple challenges that can win you free cash, bonuses and rewards to be used later in the game. Casumo has a wide variety of offerings for you that you can enjoy a lot.

Licensing and authentication

Casumo has its headquarters in Malta and is also licensed in the United Kingdom. Third party certification is used to authenticate the random number generated by the Casumo Casino. Player protection has been taken very seriously, as necessary precautions have been taken from a technical standpoint to make the platform more reliable and authentic. All the payment processes are compliant with PCI and SSL is being for sending over connections, which is the case for most of the similar sites these days; But, Casumo online Casino clearly points it out on the website to enhance the sense of reliability among their users. So anyone who wants to find an authentic and reliable casino to avoid risk for their hard earned money in gambeling, can confidently go for Casumo because it is highly trustworthy.

Selection of games at Casumo

Casumo online Casino offers a wide array of games; In fact, it is one of the biggest game collection to my knowledge on such a platform. There are a stunning total of 860 games with slots making the majority of these games. It can clearly be seen that slots are the main focus and almost all of the challenges and adventures are based on slots. Most of these games are developed by professional game creators e.g. Thunderkick, IGT and Microgaming. This ensures the quality of the games on the platform and assures the users regarding Casumo’s authenticity, because those come from the reliable providers.

Clear instructions and explanations on how to play each game are available, which is necessary for people to have fun with ease while they are on the website. Apart from slot games, Casumo has over 50 table games and live games as well, which provide more freedom to the users.

Banking options

There are several PCI compliant options to manage and fund your accounts. Some of these options include Visa, Master Card, Skrill, Neteller, Bankwire and Paysafe, which provide almost all the users to utilize at least one of them. The process is hassle free and deposits are really safe. In the same way, withdrawal methods are also pretty easy and there are no associated fees for withdrawal. The process seems to be convenient and takes less time as most of the withdrawals are processed within 2-3 days’ time, which is the best feature of the website. It is highly expedient for the users because on most of the online casinos, users have been observed to have several hindrances and delays when they request for withdrawal of their own money.


The Casumo mobil app is as rewarding as the website itself. It is meticulously designed to make the user experience more delightful and smooth. The Casumo mobilcasino has won many awards on the international forums making it the most desirable package overall. Casumo live is another highly sophisticated feature that makes the experience more gratifying. It gives you an option to choose from 9 different suites and features up to 70 games, that is quit an attractive range for any user.

Customer support

Casumo operates its customer service through online chat service and email and features an extensive list of frequently asked questions that is very helpful for all the users, if they are totally new to the system. It is evident by the reviews and site’s layout, that the customer support is pretty outstanding and response times are very quick, which is appreciated by most of the clients. The support staff actually knows what they are talking about and are friendly and customer oriented. The Casumo Kontakt clearly outlines all the support procedures and methods on the website, so that everyone is clear about it.

Choose Casumo with confidence

To conclude, this platform is built with innovation and creativity as its foundation and it’s no surprise that it has become a great success in such a short period of time. While this review give you a highlight of the whole Casumo experience, the real experience is being a part of the Casumo community, that you will highly enjoy.