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Casino Games Linux

There are well known Linux distributions for those that are experienced in system built on open source code. And among the general public most people have heard of one or more of these, for example Kubuntu, Linux Mint, Ubuntu and Debian. These are OS’s that require minimal computer resources to run and contains a lot of innovation at the same time.

This site is built around casinos on Linux-systems. Nowadays there are many people out there with Linux on their system, and they are eager to play casinos online with these new machines, just as there are on Windows and iOS. And most of the time it goes well.

Logo Casino Rating Deposit bonus Visit casino
logo Bethard Bethard 5 75 free spins, 8500kr bonus
logo MrGreen MrGreen 4 100% up to 1000kr + 120 freespins
logo Rizk Casino Rizk Casino 4 200% up to 1500kr + 50 freespins
logo Bertil casino Bertil casino 5 1000kr in bonus + 250 free spins
logo Casumo Casumo 5 20 bonus spins + 20 000 kr bonus

Linux casino goes through what you as a new casino player have to keep in mind in a Linux environment, as well as lists Sweden’s safest and best online casino that works for Linux and that also happen to be full of bonuses and generous offers.

Play Linux casino with your phone

It is very convenient to play casinos on your mobile. When talking about Linux devices running Android are very similar – a world-spanning OS that is based on the Linux-core. And where you can play through either apps – which we rank according to which one is the most sensible Swedish casino-apps for phones running Android, or through your web-browser (Mostly Chrome). It is just as simple on phones running androids, tablets or computers. Something that is less common but nevertheless happens is that for tablets and phones there are also pure Linux systems. Casino apps for these is still a question reserved for the future but to play casinos through their web-browsers should be possible – we have unfortunately not tried this though.

The Web-Browser Chrome: Best for Games on Swedish Casinos

Regardless of what OS you are running on your unit, it becomes less and less common to be required to download apps in order to play. Nowadays most casinos have a fully working web-browser version of their casino. The most common web browser used in this context is Google Chrome. Besides being really fast and easy to use, Chrome also works very well together with casino games on Linux. For casino players with Linux installed there are good opportunities here to combine the best of both worlds to play Linux casino.

HTML5 is now taking over as the primary programming language for web-based content, something which benefits casino players generally, but Linux users especially. With this method the need for Flash to be included is completely removed. This is a little bit technical, but we’ll run through it quickly: The web-browsers reads websites and these sites are built in the programming language HTML. With earlier versions of HTML games and other interactive media assumed that you also included Flash – a small program from adobe, which is platform-specific. This need to include flash meant that casino-developers had to build their casinos around being compatible with each respective OS. This obviously took a lot of resources as one might imagine. Due to this, many new casinos had to limit their demographic to a certain OS, and the choice was often Windows or maybe Mac, but very seldom Linux due to its comparatively tiny userbase. Because of this, the market has remained relatively empty for Linux users over the years.

With the introduction of HTML5 in 2014 the development of online casinos has really had a boom. Without the need to include Flash the blockade that stood in the way for casino developers to create a web-based version of their casino disappeared.  Many online-casinos have gone from being platform dependent, to being platform independent, which was really great news for the casino-gaming Linux user, and after only a few years, a lot had been accomplished.

Downloadable Casinos – Casino Games Linux

For Windows and Mac users there are lots of casino apps to download, but we predict that the developers work with them, combined with the player’s decreased interest of them, will lead to them being phased out in the long run. Most casino games expect you to have a working internet connection which means that you might as well do a completely web-based solution anyway.

Downloadable casinos are barely ever developed for Linux, but this problem is smaller than you might think because often content developed for the Windows system can be used just as well on a system running Linux, all you have to do is use an emulator. These are programs that you install in the Linux environment but that simulate the Windows environment.

The short version for you as a Linux user is this: Start Wine and trim the casino app’s environment variables until you get it to work well. For people with less Linux experience: In Linux you begin by downloading the program Wine, which is a free program with open source code. Also install Windows system programs and “TrueType core font”. After this you can install your slots apps. When you’re installing them certain errors can appear, this means that you have to adjust something in the environment variables. Here you must test your way forward. Your questions may be answered in the Linux forums though. During the installation you might be required to reboot your machine, which is possible to do through Wine’s “wineboot”. In other words, there is some finicking to be done, but this usually only has to be done once for each casino app.

Instead of Linux emulating another OS you can also just run double OS’s on your computer and switch between them. Then you can play your windows-based casino apps without all that extra work, but at the same time easily return to your Linux environment for all the other apps or functions. Having two OS’s active at the same time can drain a lot of resources however, se be ready for some lowered performance.

Linux and Payments

Many casino sites that are directed towards the Swedish market use BankID to make transactions easier and keep account information safe. For Linux this is still in the future, but until then, the old methods still work just as well. Depending on what each respective casino site gives you in terms of payment options we recommend you pay via PayPal – fast and safe way to transfer wins and put in money.

Linux Casino Software

We know our online casinos and we know our Linux. We focus primarily on the successful combos of casino-playing Linux users in Sweden. This means that we test, analyze and compare all casinos that are marketed towards a Swedish audience AND that works for Linux. We recommend only the best, where both the gaming experience as well as the safety is high, payment methods are short, and the support good. In this area we are on the lookout for really good deals – things that make you exited to try something new.

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