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Microgaming casino tells casino history

It has been researched but not yet clarified exactly when gambling with money started. At archeological excavations the findings point at the idea that it has existed for a very long time. Signs of it has for example been found in ancient Egypt, China, Rome and India and indicates that it’s tied to civilized societies – their financial and social structures. It has also been seen that the games evolve at the pace of the development in technology, but that the purpose remains focused on entertainment.

In 1600 Venice you could fine Ridotto – a gambling establishment that closely reminds you of the casinos we have today. So, all gambling activities were collected at one spot and it was then regulated to prevent corruption. The setup worked so well, that the model eventually spread all over the world. The development of the games and the regulation pushed each other in a spiral and has today created a gigantic market with an enormous selection of solid entertainment. And the development continues…

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The classic casino games, like the ones Microgaming now offer, appeared on the computer at the same time they started taking place in regular homes, but it was first when the internet appeared that you could play these games with money. Internet also made it so that you could do this any time of the day and anywhere a connected computer could be found. A large difference in other words. This made it so the availability increased for more people as well. Now even stressed out parents and workaholics could get some time over for some light-hearted entertainment and excitement at a place of their own choice through the many sites, at times when they themselves choose. Along with the opportunity to choose time and place, the ever-growing selection of games also appeared – there was, and is, more than ever to choose from today. Nowadays you find, at Microgaming casinos among others, all manners of variations of online slots, videopoker and Blackjack and they can be played either in a web browser or be downloaded to your computer.

All kinds of variations in games

Our online casino has plenty of games in our list of slots – Microgaming slots. Here you have plenty to choose from. Other than a wide selection we also strive to maximize your gaming experience in the casino games by offering high graphics, good bonuses and keep you hooked with special features. What then works best for you is up to you to discover, in case you haven’t already. What we do is make it easier to dig in the flora of games and find something to your taste. Here we summarize the games as an introduction to casino games.

Roulette offers excitement as a marble is let go onto a spinning wheel. The result is made from where the marble ends up as the wheel stops. The game is a favorite all over the world and much of it comes from the large number of bets that you can make. So even if the rules are simple, the variation increases since you can bet on different colors and numbers. And the game comes in several shapes where French Roulette, American Roulette and Roulette Pro are among the more common ones found on Microgaming casinos.

Blackjack belongs to the absolute earliest games where money was involved. It’s a card game where you don’t play against other players but instead against a dealer. In this you strive to reach a hand worth 21 points without exceeding (“bust”). The rules have been opened up a bit as years went on which is why the game has gotten to much easier to play and therefore also has several variations that have popped up, such as Progressive Blackjack, Blackjack Switch and 21 Duel. Feel free to try these out until you find a variation that fits you best, through the practice mode that Microgaming games offer for free.

Craps has gotten a reputation from figuring in movies such as the ones with James Bond. Excitement and glamour in combination attracts a lot of people. The game gets a bit more complex through the complicated bets that only increase the excitement. It normally works with two dice and you can bet for one, two or more throws. It takes time to learn the game, which contributes to its entertainment value rising gradually. And it can’t always fit on physical casinos – the game table is bulky, and a handful of employees are required for managing it. But online it’s available for anyone, whenever they want.

Slots can be found all over the world and are easily recognized on their appearance. While the basic principles are different when it comes to the number of wheels, pay lines and special features. Among regular special features you can find various types of symbols to collect, free play rounds and bonus games as well as the slot offering an opportunity for a jackpot. Jackpots exist as static and progressive ones and especially the latter ones can generate enormous winnings.

Videopoker is build on a successful combo of poker and slots. The simple rules make it easy to get started, even for those new to games and there is a whole lot of variations to choose from. Even here there are different pay lines such as four in Deuces Wild and up to 50 in Joker Poker. Choose based on your own preferences.

Arcade games allow you to be entertained in a more traditional way and without any complicated rules – you basically only have to start the game and learn as you go. At Microgaming slots, you find titles such as Derby Day, Spin a Win, Pop Bingo and Bowling. While the game concepts are extremely old, the updated graphics give you an enhanced gaming experience. In these you get a well-tested game entertainment in a modern and more current frame. Don’t miss these at Microgaming casino!

Live Casino give you the full casino experience. Aside from the fact that you can play these from home, you can’t disregard the realism in playing against a live dealer in real time, even over the internet. With video technology Microgaming casinos air in real time directly from the casino studio and play exactly as if you were there. Bet your money and play as if you stood there with the other casino players. Here you can also chat with your fellow players and get comments from the dealer, and with that experience a social environment that can’t be found in other casino games and has made it very popular. If this extra gaming experience is something for you, we recommend trying out our Live Blackjack, Live Casino Hold’em or Live Baccarat.

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